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Simplify Genomics Launches Searchable Genome and Reporting Platform – Smart Genome

San Diego, Ca., 01.25.24 – Genomics Technology Company, Simplify Genomics, Emerges from Development Mode by leveraging the infrastructure developed at Genomic Sequencing Pioneer Human Longevity with the launch of a Searchable Genome, Interpretation, and Reporting Platform Called Smart GenomeTM. This groundbreaking solution overcomes the challenges in whole genome analyses and reporting – providing our clients with rapid and accurate end- to-end processes, reduced turnaround time and costs, and the interrogation of deep genomic information at the speed of thought.

SAN DIEGO—Simplify Genomics, Inc., a leading Genomics Technology company, is making significant strides in reshaping the landscape of personalized health management. For over seven years, a genomic technology platform comprising reporting, interpretation, and genome exploration features has been developed by an expert and dedicated team of genomic scientists, bioinformaticians, software engineers, clinicians, and laboratory professionals.

As genomics takes center stage in clinical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical markets, Simplify Genomics plays a pivotal role in the transformative era of individualized preventive and therapeutic medicine. Simplify Genomics is strategically positioned to impact patient outcomes by interpreting the whole genome and delivering important clinically actionable information to physicians.

Today, Simplify Genomics emerged from development mode with Smart GenomeTM, a proprietary interpretation, analysis, and reporting engine built for scale. The team at Simplify Genomics has used this engine to seamlessly curate over 7000 genes and millions of variants since 2018, generating clinical whole genome reports across hereditary monogenic disease, polygenic risk, pharmacogenomics, and nutrition and wellness traits. Operating as a CLIA- certified and CAP-accredited dry laboratory, Simplify Genomics’ reportable scope follows appropriate guidelines backed by scientific evidence.

Craig Venter, co-founder of Human Longevity, Inc. stated, “At Human Longevity, Inc., we started the challenging task of interpreting a patient’s genome to enable data-driven care. We recognized that the application of personalized medicine was significantly hindered by the lack of user-friendly, scalable systems for rapidly querying the genome. The technology and processes developed at HLI, and now Simplify Genomics, are the foundation of whole-genome clinical screening and establish the gold standard for integrating actionable, life-saving genomic insights into mainstream clinical care.”

The appetite for genomic data continues to rise in research and clinical applications, and whole genome sequencing is becoming the de facto standard as sequencing costs decline. The problem has shifted from the lab to technology – with the challenge of seamlessly generating clinical utility from vast amounts of genomic and annotation data. The Smart Genome platform was built with automation, speed, and scale as critical differentiators – getting from raw data to clinical reports and allowing for further interrogation of raw data at the speed of thought.

“As the price of genomic sequencing continues to drop, the demand is picking up, but as an industry, we still cannot interpret that information quickly enough at the scale needed to translate from raw data to clinical actionability,” said Travis Lacey, Simplify Genomics’ co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“Our genomics stack is repeatable, objective, and designed to scale with technology, not people. This allows us to extract clinically relevant content from genomes with minimal human intervention. We have demonstrated the feasibility of this approach over the past five years, seamlessly issuing clinical whole genome reports since 2018” said Wayne Delport, Simplify Genomics co- founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Simplify Genomics was spun out of Human Longevity at the end of 2021 and supplies the genomic clinical report used by Human Longevity in their executive health business. Simplify is broadening its commercialization efforts for delivering genomics reporting solutions with planned future expansions across clinical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical landscapes. Simplify Genomics’ approach is well-positioned for growth with a clear strategic roadmap to handle the increasing demand for end-to-end robust and accurate solutions to extract clinical utility from comprehensive genomic data.