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Deep History in Genomics

First Draft of the Human Genome
First Draft of the Human Genome

J. Craig Venter and Francis Collins jointly announce the first draft of the Human Genome, published in Science and Nature.

Human Longevity, Inc Launch

J. Craig Venter, Peter Diamandis, and Robert J. Hariri launch Human Longevity Inc. with the aim of enabling predictive and preventative medicine for healthy aging and discovering early warning signs for susceptibility to chronic illness.

HLI Signs Agreement with Genentech

Human Longevity, Inc. signs a multi-year agreement with Genentech to conduct Whole Genome Sequencing and analysis of tens of thousands of samples.

HLI receives CLIA certification

Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI), the genomic-driven health information technology company, announces that the company has received certification under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA).

HLI launches Health Nucleus

Human Longevity, Inc. launches the Health Nucleus platform that uses whole genome sequencing, advanced clinical imaging, and innovative machine learning – combined with a comprehensive curation of personal health history – to deliver the most complete picture of individual health.

HLI acquires Cypher Genomics

HLI acquires Cypher Genomics informatics company founded by Ashley Van Zeeland, Ali Torkamani, Nicholas Schork, and Eric Topol.

HLI raises $220 Million

Human Longevity, Inc. raises $220 million in a Series B led by Celgene and Illumina.

HLI completes sequencing of 10K genomes

Human Longevity, Inc. completes the sequencing of 10,545 whole genomes at 30-40x coverage. This deep analysis of the human genome demonstrates that up to 84% of a human genome can be deep sequenced with the specificity and precision required for clinical use. De-identified data is made available to researchers through Open Search.

HLI and MassMutual sign multi-year agreement

Human Longevity, Inc. and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. announce a multi-year agreement to offer HLI’s whole genome sequencing product to MassMutual customers, employees, and financial professionals.

HLI streamlines variant interpretation

Human Longevity, Inc. develops a novel approach for streamlining germline variant interpretation in accordance with industry standards.

HLI receives CAP accreditation

Human Longevity, Inc. laboratory (Human Longevity Clinical Laboratory, LLC) receives accreditation from the College of American Pathologists.

HLI launches Clinical Genome Report

HLI launches CLIA-verified and CAP-accredited Whole Genome report for clinical screening.

HLI closes $30 Million Financing

Human Longevity, Inc. announces a $30 million financing led by Emerging Technology Partners, LLC. Proceeds from the financing are to be used to enhance the Health Nucleus Platform.

HLI sells Oncology Division to Neo Genomics

Human Longevity, Inc. sells its Oncology division to Neo Genomics, narrowing its focus on longevity and extending the human lifespan using a multi-modal approach to disease risk and management.

HLI publishes study on early detection of disease

Human Longevity, Inc. publishes a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences demonstrating that the integration of whole-genome sequencing with advanced imaging and blood metabolites, allows clinicians to identify adults at risk for key health conditions.


HLI adds polygenic risk to WGS reports

Human Longevity Clinical Laboratories, LLC validates polygenic risk models for common diseases for inclusion in the 5th major release of CLIA-verified and CAP-accredited Whole Genome Report. Details on validation are published in a white paper and presented at ASHG 2020.

Simplify Genomics Inc is launched

Human Longevity, Inc. spins out the genomics reporting and research division to form a new company, Simplify Genomics, Inc. Simplify Genomics migrates genomics data, workflows, and supporting infrastructure to establish independent operations for clinical Whole Genome Sequencing and R&D.

Simplify Genomics Launches Genome Search Engine

Simplify Genomics, Inc. relaunches a beta genome search engine and reduces hosting costs by 95%. The genome search engine allows clinicians to explore complete genomes with a user-friendly interface that can query hundreds of millions of genomic variants at the speed of thought.

Simplify Genomics establishes SAB with Dr Richard Cote

Simplify Genomics, Inc., a genomics-technology company, establishes its Scientific Advisory Board with Dr. Richard Cote, Chair of Pathology and Immunology at Washington University. With the addition of Dr. Cote, Simplify Genomics gains deep expertise in clinical pathology and in the biotechnology industry, as both founder and advisor to numerous biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies operating at the interface of technology and clinical practice.

Simplify Genomics launches 8th major release of Genomic Report

Simplify Genomics, Inc. releases its 8th major revision of the Genomic Clinical Report, significantly increasing the scope of gene-disease associations covered.

Simplify Genomics emerges from Stealth Mode

Genomics Technology Company, Simplify Genomics, Emerges from Development Mode by leveraging the infrastructure developed at Genomic Sequencing Pioneer Human Longevity with the launch of a Searchable Genome, Interpretation, and Reporting Platform Called Smart GenomeTM.

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