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Discover the Smart GenomeTM Difference

Fast, accurate, insightful genome exploration.

An AI Tech platform that provides rapid access to raw ‘omics data, clinical phenotypes, and the current state of genomic knowledge. Access information outside of the scope of reportable content with a user-friendly interface that can query hundreds of millions of genomic variants at the speed of thought.

Clinical Whole Genome Reporting

CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited dry laboratory that delivers actionable insights derived from Whole Genome Sequencing in a physician-ordered clinical report. Our reportable content is AI-informed and explainable. This ensures scalable, fast, and reproducible clinical reporting. Our content includes Monogenic Hereditary Risk, Polygenic Risk, Pharmacogenomics, and Health and Wellness Traits.

Multi-source, rich data repository

An aggregation of public and proprietary ‘omic and clinical data unified to enable discovery and research, and that is the foundation of the Search and Genome platforms.